Jackson Offshore PSV Start close up

Construction on the second vessel is scheduled to begin later this year. When complete, the entire first vessel will weigh about 3,500 tons deadweight and measure 252 feet long and 60 feet wide, with a draft of 25 feet. Both vessels will be used to support offshore drilling operations. 

The GPA 675J platform supply vessel design is provided by Guido Perla & Associates, Inc. of Seattle, Washington. The vessels will include an integrated Rolls-Royce ship systems package inclusive of low-voltage active front end diesel electric systems and a complete Rolls-Royce propulsion package with Azipull propulsion thrusters.

“We are very excited that construction has begun on our vessels,” said Lee Jackson, president and chief executive officer of Jackson Offshore Operators. “BAE Systems has been a delight to partner with on this project and we are looking forward to continued progress and eventually launch and delivery early next year.”

“This is an important milestone as we expand our role supporting the offshore energy market,” said Tom Young, director of the Jacksonville shipyard for BAE Systems. “The construction of these vessels establishes our yard as an industry leader in commercial shipbuilding, meeting our customers’ quality standards and mission requirements.”

The Jackson Offshore program is part of a continuing effort by BAE Systems to strengthen its position in the commercial new construction market at its facilities in Jacksonville and Mobile, Alabama. The company is currently constructing two dump scows and a trailing suction hopper dredge in Mobile, with scheduled deliveries in 2013 and 2014 respectively. The Mobile facility is also under contract to build two platform supply vessels, with start of construction on the first vessel to begin this month. 

BAE Systems currently employs approximately 400 people in Jacksonville and expects to hire an additional 120 workers there by mid-2013. Career opportunities are available at www.baesystems.jobs. 


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