Terrier® combat engineer vehicle
Recently proven in field trials, the mine plough is designed to ensure a safe route for a convoy of vehicles, by clearing land mines and Improvised Explosive Devices along a chosen path.
The vehicle has also been equipped with a long-reach rummage arm developed to probe and unearth suspect buried devices from a safe distance. On display at DSEI this week, these new developments are part of ongoing capability enhancements which further boost Terrier’s ability to conduct route proving and clearance tasks.
Terrier can operate the track-width mine plough at a depth of 300mm when travelling at speeds of 15 kilometres per hour. Together with the long-reach rummage arm and an existing remote control function, Terrier limits the need to place any operators in direct danger during hazardous clearance operations.
Mike Reece, Business Development and Strategy Director at BAE Systems Combat Vehicles (UK), commented: “The new mine clearance capability of Terrier was developed following feedback from operations in Afghanistan. Working closely with Pearson Engineering, this enhancement will significantly reduce the British Army’s resource burden with fewer vehicles and troops required to clear safe routes, whilst improving the safety of both military personnel and local residents.”
The need to reduce the equipment and logistic footprint of armed forces has highlighted the increased role of platforms with multiple capabilities and functionality. Terrier is ideally suited to fulfil this remit thanks to its open and flexible architecture. Engineers at BAE Systems’ UK sites in Newcastle and Telford continue to develop modular upgrades to Terrier allowing flexible and rapid reconfiguration in response to operational requirements to be integrated easily by users in the field.
Notes to Editors:
Product Information Terrier is a compact, 32 tonne armoured platform with exceptional mobility. It provides speed of up to 70 km/h alongside outstanding off road performance, wading capability and air transportability in the A400M.
Representing a step change in vehicle design, Terrier demonstrates a new generation of multifunctional combat engineer vehicles, delivering uncompromising performance from a medium weight chassis.
Its capabilities range from providing mobility assistance for supported units to delivering counter-mobility, survivability and general engineering tasks.
A drive-by-wire armoured fighting vehicle, its combination of functions meet the breadth of manoeuvre support activities required of a combat engineer.
Currently in service with the British Army, the multifunctional capability and modular approach of Terrier makes upgrade and new capabilities easy to integrate.
Track-width mine plough specification:
Cleared lane width: 725mm at each plough section (2 x 725mm)
Cleared lane uncleared width: 1000mm in centre
Cleared lane depth: 175-300mm
Plough speed: 1 – 15km/h
Pearson Engineering can be found on stand SA221 at the DSEI exhibition.