BAE Systems OASYS’ StalkIR® is the first palm-sized hybrid thermal mono-sight.

BAE Systems is showcasing the system, also known as the Universal® Thermal Monocular, at the Defense Security Equipment International (DSEi) Exhibition in London, United Kingdom from 13-16  September.

“The StalkIR is both a surveillance tool and a weapon sight, and can be used in any situation where the warfighter needs to assess and engage threats,” said Vadim Plotsker, president of BAE Systems OASYS business in Manchester, New Hampshire, where the device is built. “It has four times the resolution of the typical competitor system of similar size. There really is nothing else like it.”

The StalkIR can be used as a clip-on and thermal viewer device, as well as in handheld mode, and features dual band aiming lasers, a modular rail interface, and one-touch menu options. Operational targeting can be accomplished in four separate methods including standalone sighting, as a daysight clone, visible/infrared pointer, or with an optional passive fixed sight. The company recently shipped its 3,000th StalkIR unit, and with this order, the number of units shipped will increase to approximately 5,000.

BAE Systems OASYS business employs approximately 85 people in Manchester. The electro-optical company has expertise in night vision, thermal imaging technology, and rapid product development.

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