BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has recently formed a Responsible Behavior Forum within the company, with the aim of maintaining its excellent track record achieved in the past few years in terms of business ethics.

This move aims to go a step further in receiving and scrutinising ethics related issues in the company, in addition to monitoring both major and arising reputational risks and reporting them to senior management.

In addition to the Ethics Manager, the forum includes representatives from different parts of the business. Working under the direct supervision of the Office of the Chief Executive, the team will also prepare key reports and present recommendations with regards to the company's approach to ethics.

The formation of this forum highlights the company's ongoing commitment to achieving the highest standards of business ethics and responsible behavior.

Bassem Al Fassam, Ethics Manager and one of the forum members, said: “BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has come up with this initiative to help employees identify and raise possible matters of concern and to help the business to provide solutions, support and guidance.

“The presence of representatives from different parts of the business will provide different perspectives, which will be beneficial to employees in all aspects.”

“The initiative is a great one, particularly in identifying ethical issues, reducing reputational risks and helping employees to have their voices heard by senior management” he added.

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