BAE Systems demonstrates tomorrow’s soldier systems, today

Land Forces 2014
Adelaide, Australia: BAE Systems is demonstrating future soldier capabilities that can support military operations with the identification of hostile, non-hostile and friendly forces, and the coordination of small unit actions.

At Land Forces 2014, the Company unveiled Q-Warrior™, the world’s most advanced see-through head-mounted display for soldiers. It provides the soldier with more real-time visual data than ever before. Field testing in the UK is exceeding expectations.

Along with its revolutionary helmet-mounted display system, visitors to the exhibition can also learn about the Company’s Broadsword™ Spine (a non-wired soldier integration system), night vision, thermal sights and weapon sighting sensors.

Soldier Systems' Business Development Lead, Mr Paul Wright, is visiting the exhibition from the UK to demonstrate how the various systems work. He said, “The biggest demand for technology like Q-Warrior™ will be in roles where the early adoption of situational awareness technology offers a defined advantage.

Mr Wright added, “This is likely to be within non-traditional military units with reconnaissance roles and Special Forces. However, the technology could become an essential but standard issue piece of kit for every soldier in future.”

“BAE Systems provides pioneering equipment for day/night situational awareness information.”

“Our technology is designed to enhance the performance of ground troops who engage in close combat and small teams as part of a network-enabled force.”

To experience Q-Warrior™ and learn more about how BAE Systems is supporting the army of tomorrow, visit the BAE Systems stand IK20 at Land Forces 2014, Brisbane Exhibition Centre (22-25 September).