BAE Systems awarded $50M Nulka contract

Engineer checking Nulka decoy missile part, South Australia
Richmond, Australia: BAE Systems has secured a 16th successive annual contract to produce additional rounds for the Nulka active missile decoy.

Valued at approximately $50 million, the latest follow-on order will involve making decoy rounds for the Royal Australian Navy and the United States Navy, bringing the total number of rounds supplied by BAE Systems to more than 1,400.

Nulka is a rocket propelled active decoy system designed to lure anti-ship missiles away from their intended target. It is deployed on more than 140 surface combat ships in the US, Canadian and Australian navies and is Australia's largest and most successful regular defence export.

The Nulka system relies on a strong Australian supply chain and supports high-tech manufacturing in regional centres through the involvement of suppliers including Milspec Engineering, Thales Australia and Varley.

BAE Systems Director Aerospace Steve Drury said: “This contract continues our provision of the world’s most advanced soft kill anti-ship missile defence system to the Royal Australian Navy and the United States Navy. I’m looking forward to continuing our long-term and strategically aligned partnership with both navies.”