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By combining SIBA™ with DocuTRACER, SIBA will now have the added capability of tracking who accesses each file shared and what changes were made, while also tracing where each document is distributed.

“SIBA is enhancing information sharing, protecting the integrity of data, and defending customers against leaks of highly sensitive information,” said Douglas Steil, general manager of Cybersecurity Products at BAE Systems. “With the integration of DocuTRACER, we can now offer an even more secure data management tool to government and commercial customers.”

Using SIBA, analysts can tag, or portion mark, specific characters, words, paragraphs, and images within documents to define access to portions of the data. The documents can then be uploaded to shared repositories where they can be securely accessed by outside agencies or commercial partners. The version of the document the outside partner reads varies, depending on their security clearance or the security of the network they are using to access the repository.

SIBA works seamlessly with customers’ Microsoft Office® and SharePoint® software, without requiring any modifications, making it a cost-efficient security solution for government agencies, oil and gas industry, critical infrastructure, banks, law firms, and users of electronic medical records.

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