BAE Systems and Crane Carrier Company to integrate a propulsion system into refuse trucks.

The newly-formed alliance will perform field trials this year with a plan for Crane Carrier Company to offer HybriDrive® powered vehicles to the market by the end of 2012. This alliance will introduce the use of the HybriDrive parallel system into the North American RCV market and is part of BAE Systems’ broader strategic initiative to address a range of heavy-duty truck vocations that also will include construction, pick-up and delivery, and utility.

The new parallel system – the latest member of BAE Systems HybriDrive family – complements and draws upon the company’s proven HybriDrive series system, currently deployed in more than 3,500 transit buses across North America and Europe. The parallel system will deliver significant environmental benefits once in production, lowering emissions, reducing fuel consumption and lowering noise pollution in the field.

“This strategic alliance with a leading systems integrator such as BAE Systems will significantly enhance our product offering by providing our customers and end users with all the advantages that reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, lower acoustic pollution and improved vehicle drivability deliver,” said John Sczesny, general manager for Crane Carrier Company. “BAE Systems not only has the systems expertise pedigree through its involvement with other leading organizations and established partnerships, it has proven, mature, and reliable propulsion and power management technology for commercial hybrid electric propulsion systems.”

“Both companies are leaders in our respective markets; our alliance will maximize our respective synergies, bringing a high performance product and all the associated environmental and economic benefits to the RCV market,” said Dr. Mike Mekhiche, program director of power and energy management for BAE Systems.

BAE Systems has formed similar relationships with leading original equipment manufacturers in the transit bus market for its HybriDrive series product in Europe and North America.

BAE Systems has produced hybrid propulsion systems for city transit buses since 1998. Buses equipped with BAE Systems’ HybriDrive series system have travelled more than 300 million miles and transports more than two million passengers a day in cities across the UK and North America that include London, Manchester, Oxford, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, Houston, and Seattle.

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