BAE Systems and Brazilian Army Complete 100th M113 Upgrade

BAE Systems and the Brazilian Army completed the upgrade of the service’s 100th M113, pictured here.
BAE Systems and the Brazilian Army completed the upgrade of the service’s 100th M113 to the M113A2 Mk1 (M113BR) configuration, marking a significant milestone for the program.

This modernization extends the service of the Army’s fleet and increases its defense capabilities.

“This is an important milestone for BAE Systems and our long-standing partner, the Brazilian Army,” said Adam Zarfoss, director of Artillery and Recovery Vehicles at BAE Systems. “The delivery of the 100th upgraded vehicle is a direct result of our close working relationship with the Army, developed through a strong technology sharing program.”

BAE Systems received a contract to work with the Brazilian Army to convert 150 M113B vehicles to the M113A2 Mk1 configuration in December 2011. The team — utilizing resources from local industry and Parque Maintenance 5 — reuses existing vehicle hulls, hatches, and ramps to replace or upgrade components such as engines, transmissions, and cooling systems. As part of the contract, the company is also transferring technology into the new vehicles and is working with the Brazilian Army to train personnel on the upgrade and maintenance of the vehicles.

The largest family of armored tracked vehicles in the world, the M113 family of vehicles includes more than 80,000 vehicles in the militaries of at least 44 countries worldwide. The M113, one of the most versatile of military tracked vehicles, can transport 12 troops plus a driver and is capable of amphibious operation, extended cross-country travel over rough terrain, and high-speed operation on improved roads and highways. The ongoing improvements and upgrades to the system help maintain the M113’s relevance for the next three to four decades.

BAE Systems designs, develops, manufacturers, and provides full life-cycle support for artillery, combat, and amphibious vehicles for the U.S. military and militaries around the world. In addition to the M113 upgrade program, the company is partnering with and transferring technology to Brazilian industry on other programs, including the 40mm naval gun and flight controls for the KC 390 air tanker.

Ref. 250/2014