The unique MOATV is designed to reduce the burden on the dismounted solder and has a range of sophisticated features. As well as being driven like an ordinary vehicle, it can be tele-operated by a remote control or instructed to semi-autonomously follow or go directly to a soldier operating a Personal Digital Assistant or PDA.

The MOATV was developed after BAE Systems was charged with creating a vehicle that carries soldiers’ backpacks. UK soldiers often have to carry more than 70Kg of equipment and protection during operations which can limit their mobility.

The BAE Systems project included teams from the UK working with colleagues in Australia to develop, test and trial a versatile solution that has a wider range of capabilities. Unlike other systems which are bespoke, the technology on MOATV can be applied to any vehicle.

In addition, MOATV incorporates collision detection and avoidance systems that allow it to negotiate around objects that lie in its path while operating autonomously.

Andy Wright, Director Technology Acquisition at BAE Systems Strategic Capability Solutions business said: “Each MOATV vehicle can be used across a platoon, with individual soldiers each having a separate hand held PDA so they can pass control of the vehicle from one to another.

But the MOATV can do far more than simply carry loads; it can also be used for evacuating casualties in high-risk environments, supplying ammunition, patrolling perimeters, vehicle convoys and land reconnaissance. “