An expert in his (electro-magnetic) field

Ian MacDiarmid - Head of Electromagnetics in Military Air & Information
Ian MacDiarmid, the Head of Electromagnetics in Military Air & Information has been appointed a Visiting Professor of the University of Liverpool.

Ian is a recognised expert in applied electromagnetics and, with his team, has pioneered major advances in aviation – helping ensure that today’s aircraft, often built out of complex composite materials, have survivable and robust systems protected against the most severe of electromagnetic interference.

“I am really delighted to have this honour,” said Ian, “it means a great deal to me. For some time I have wanted to develop closer links between industry and academia in this field. There is no doubt that electromagnetism continues to be a growth area. It is such a fundamental part of modern life with our increasing dependence on communications and sensors. “

He said: “Like gravity, the fundamental nature of electromagnetic fields is still a subject of considerable debate, but we do have some fundamental laws of physics, which, combined with a rapid growth in affordable high performance computing, enable us to predict behaviour reliably and work with these fields very effectively.”

In the world of aviation, an understanding of electromagnetism is vital for flight safety, communications and the proper function of electrical systems – and in understanding, developing and controlling the radar and infra-red signature of aircraft. Challenges facing the aircraft include lightning strike, a nuclear electromagnetic pulse and flight through high intensity radiated fields from broadcast transmitters and radars. .

Ian’s hope is the Visiting Professorship will enable much closer collaboration between BAE Systems and Liverpool University, specifically across Electromagnetics.