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The task of managing spares, repairs and overhauls of critical onboard systems for its fleet is one of an airline’s biggest challenges. Aircraft availability is a top priority for airlines around the world, and being able to efficiently and quickly manage the operational requirements of fleets is a significant advantage.

That’s why BAE Systems has unveiled asset management offerings such as pooling, exchanges, and loans of our products for air transport, especially focused on the 737 MAX aircraft. These new programs will transform our aftermarket services into a more tailored experience for our customers, guaranteeing availability of spares and adding additional options for management of assets.

Pooling is a construct in which airlines pay to have access to an allotment of spare parts that they can include in their supply chain – we simply backfill when the airline pulls a part for use on an aircraft. We offer pools for one airline or for a regional group of airlines, depending on the circumstances of that customer. This pool of units eliminates the need for the airline to keep an inventory of spare parts in its own facility.

Our exchanges allow airlines to send their parts to us and we immediately send back a new or overhauled part within a set turnaround time. No long term agreement is required for an airline to request an exchange from BAE Systems, and the offering is available today in Singapore, France, Dubai, Shanghai, and Fort Wayne, Ind.

A loan program can save money and provide a short term solution if an airline will only require a part for a set amount of time. For critical fleet situations, this arrangement can assist small, start-up airlines with the spares they need to keep their fleets flying.

As our airline customers around the world refine their processes for asset management to maximize aircraft availability and profitability, BAE Systems is innovating our offerings to be the aftermarket service provider of choice – today and tomorrow.

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