Air cadets from around the world visit Warton

From all corners of the world, young aviation enthusiasts landed a visit to Warton airfield as part of a two week International Air Cadet Exchange programme.

40 cadets took a look behind the scenes to see how the Typhoon aircraft is brought seamlessly together in final assembly and also saw other aircraft which are likely to become a bigger part of their careers in aviation like Mantis and some of our other unmanned vehicle projects.  

A tour gave the cadets a different perspective having been to a number of RAF bases in the days leading up.  They got to see first-hand how we, as one of the biggest defence companies in the world works together with the armed forces to deliver effective air power.  

Flight Lieutenant Andrew Nickson, OC 177(Blackpool) Sqn ATC co-ordinated the visit to Warton and said, “The visit was, for many of the cadets, one of the most anticipated of the tour. To be told they were visiting the actual assembly line did cause some very large smiles to be seen.”

One American cadet said that having a tour around the production facility of our nation’s most advanced piece of military kit was truly amazing.

The 2 week programme allowed the cadets to see what aviation and technology looks like in different countries, expand their horizons, experience different cultures and make life-long friendships.

For us at BAE Systems visits like this remind us that what we get to see and do every day is pretty special.  

Inspiring young people who have a passion for aviation is incredibly important.  They could end up working for the company one day or end up responsible for buying or operating our assets one day in air forces all over the world.

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