Providing combat-proven, always-on multi-threat jamming to protect rotary aircraft

AN/ALQ-144 Infrared Countermeasures Set

Over 10,000 AN/ALQ-144 Infrared Vehicle Protection Countermeasures Sets have been delivered to protect helicopters of the U.S. military and 23 other nations.
BAE Systems’ AN/ALQ-144 Infrared Countermeasures Set uses active, multi-threat jamming to provide flexible, battle-proven protection for rotary-wing aircraft against IR missile attacks worldwide.

The AN/ALQ-144 IR Countermeasures Set is an always-on infrared jammer, protecting against infrared missiles over a wide environmental range. The system is extremely flexible, as it offers multiple configurations to complement small-to medium- signature helicopters. It may operate independently or cohesively with a missile warning system and flares.

Versatile vehicle protection countermeasures

  • Mission versatility: Military, Coast Guard, Rescue, Law Enforcement, etc.
  • Instantaneous and complete protection
  • Supports virtually any rotary-wing platform
  • Active multi-threat jamming capability
  • Approved by USDOD for export to NATO and other allied countries on military and head of state aircraft
  • Easy upgrade, works with various dispensers and expendables

Efficient, effective, and battle proven

Offering reliable, affordable, state-of-the-art helicopter protection, more than 10,000 BAE Systems AN/ALQ-144 IR Countermeasures Sets have been delivered to the U.S. military and 23 other nations. That makes it one of the most popular countermeasure technologies worldwide. The system is very user-friendly, providing ease of use without distracting pilots from the mission, and its extremely flexible, easily adaptable, SWaP-friendly design has proven effective on 18 different rotary platforms.

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