As a leading systems integrator, we provide a multi-faceted suite of capabilities, including systems engineering, integration and test (SEI&T) services, radar system development and manufacturing, operations, maintenance, logistics and acquisition enabling the space enterprise vision.

Launch Support Solutions - Systems Engineering and Integration

BAE Systems provides customers with safe and secure launch support solutions in mission critical and high-risk environments.  We focus on the unique rigors and requirements of the space launch domain to ensure mission success. Our end-to-end systems engineering and integration (SE&I) solutions have enabled a wide variety of effective civil, commercial, and national security space missions and can help accelerate launch tempo and mission assurance for existing and future launch vehicles for the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC), Space and Missiles Center (SMC) and United States Space Force (USSF).

Instrumentation Radar Support

Since 1985, BAE Systems has managed the Instrumentation Range Support Program (IRSP), a government-administered co-op program.  Established to provide support to several U.S. government agencies with similar radar, telemetry, and optical tracking systems, as well as compatible missions. We provide serviceable components and subsystems for 26 test ranges across the world, supporting the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, and at least seven foreign governments.  Our experience in test range operations, maintenance, and system sustainment allows us to understand our customers’ missions and to design, develop, and deliver cutting edge instrumentation support.

Space Surveillance

We have over 11 years of operations, maintenance and support expertise on the Solid State Phased Array Radar System (SSPARS) for missile warning and space surveillance across five geographically-separated locations as well as the Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attach Characterization System (PARCS).   We currently provide 24/7/365 operations and maintenance support for the Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System (GEODSS) supporting USSTRATCOM, USSF and theater warfighter requirements through the detection and surveillance of man-made satellites currently in orbit.  GEODSS’ space surveillance optical network system is comprised of three geographically separated detachments: Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory; Maui, Hawaii; and Socorro, New Mexico.

Ground Services

BAE Systems has proven expertise supporting SMC and USSF by leveraging our experience to deliver engineering, integration, testing, operations and sustainment services for a myriad of systems to include Combat Mission Support System portfolio of ground-based electronic warfare and counter-communication systems; Multi-Mission Satellite Operations Center and Enterprise Ground Services.

Digital Engineering Environment and Model Based Systems Engineering

As a prime systems integrator, BAE Systems develops and sustains a large array of complex systems throughout their lifecycles and employs a wide array of engineering modeling and design tools across multiple engineering disciplines to accelerate launch tempo and mission assurance for current and emerging launch vehicles. We provide a digital engineering environment (DEE) for complex SE&I environments and use our Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) capabilities to support and improve space mission acquisition, operations, and sustainment performance enabling the USAF and USSF priorities of a Joint All Domain Command and Control environment and Digital Service, respectively.  Developing a robust DEE enterprise will realize these priorities and deliver superior warfighting capability by enabling industry, allies’ and DoD collaborations and integrating military space capabilities into national, joint and combined air operations.

Predictive Maintenance for Mission Assurance

Since 1991, BAE Systems’ Advanced Component Obsolescence Management (AVCOM) solution has helped users forecast when parts that are used in Air Force systems and platforms will become obsolete. With access to an online database comprised of millions of parts and part types, AVCOM assists logistics supply managers in identifying additional suppliers when needed, as well as suitable replacement parts for military aircraft, radars, and space systems available across the marketplace. AVCOM helps the Air Force be more proactive in reducing sustainment costs, while helping to mitigate potential redesigns caused by changes in part availability or obsolescence.


BAE Systems provides the DoD and Intelligence Community with innovative, mission-critical enterprise and analytic solutions that enable national security and critical infrastructure customers to perform their mission and protect their data and networks.  As a leading systems integrator with extensive experience developing and migrating applications to commercial cloud environments in support of mission requirements, we provide SE&I, cyber operations, and enterprise IT services for space-focused missions.