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Intelligence & Security


Supporting any mission, anytime, anywhere.

Analysis, Targeting & Support to Operations

BAE Systems tactical analysts work alongside warfighters around the world to provide them with the insight they need to successfully complete their missions. Our analysts help troops stay a step ahead of the adversary’s decision-making process through a host of specialized analytic and support capabilities.

Geospatial Intelligence

Whether protecting the homeland from hidden threats or protecting our borders from drug trafficking, BAE Systems geospatial-intelligence capabilities are setting the standard for timely and effective predictive analysis. Our advanced tools and applications allow defense and intelligence communities to quickly process high volumes of data to help military and law enforcement officials confront or avoid threats on the battlefield and on our borders.
Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconaissance (ISR)

BAE Systems ISR capabilities include a comprehensive suite of ISR collection, exploitation, targeting and training systems and products that are used to develop unmatched analytical skills and professionalism among contractor and government intelligence teams. These capabilities give troops operating around the world the accurate, real-time situational awareness they need to make informed, tactical decisions.

Enhanced IT & Cybersecurity

Cyber attacks can seriously disrupt U.S. and international businesses, organizations, government agencies and individual citizens. Our cybersecurity capabilities, such as digital forensics, cyber investigations and more, play a vital role in the ongoing battle to protect computer networks from cyber threats.

Identity Management

BAE Systems identity management capabilities help keep our homeland safe by giving law enforcement officials knowledge to quickly detect and apprehend terror suspects and criminals living in the country illegally and identify fraudulent activities within our financial systems.

Knowledge Management & Information Sharing

BAE Systems innovative knowledge management and information sharing tools provide the most robust, secure and user-friendly applications to store and index data and imagery so that it can be easily accessed and processed by analysts, troops and government personnel making critical battlefield or national security decisions.