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Radiation-hardened subsystems/units

Space Products - Subsystem
BAE Systems designs and delivers payload subsystems such as radio frequency (RF) and infrared sensors, digital receivers, data and reconfigurable processing, solid state recorders, channelizers and switches, and electronic control systems

Our solutions leverage a vertically integrated and experienced engineering organization with associated equipment, operations and labs, and are focused on the unique rigors and requirements of the space domain.


Electro-optical infrared and RF sensors

Atmospheric Infrared Sounder provides infrared hyperspectral sensing from space, passively measuring temperature and humidity, and delivering weather-balloon-quality measurements on a global scale.

Digital receivers

State-of-the-art multi-channel digital receiver utilizing monobit technologies and techniques to achieve ultra-wideband, power efficient capability to detect and characterize signals in challenging RF environments.

On board processors and control electronics

On board processing and control units incorporate custom electronics and state-of-the- art radiation hardened processors.

Please consult our product catalog and datasheets via the product literature link at right or contact the representative of BAE Systems for more information.