Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency Partner USA

BAE Systems delivers applications and infrastructure, optimizes cost and performance, and protects organizational assets with security
Our DevOps expertise provides development, delivery, and sustainment of DevOps solutions. We work with our customers to understand and use the AWS cloud to quickly deliver applications and infrastructure, optimize cost and performance, and protect organizational assets with security.
Our cloud solutions are designed from the ground up to meet both the mission needs and security requirements for any US Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, or federal/civilian government organization. We want to help government agencies moving to the cloud better secure their data, migrate the customer mission applications, and more accurately plan and budget for their future information technology needs

Ravi Ravichandran

, CTO, BAE Systems Intelligence & Security
  • Quick Delivery – Our DevOps practice ensures efficient deployments of software solutions.
  • Rigor, Clarity, and Reliability – Our software engineering team uses AWS DevOps services to create and maintain a variety of diverse cloud infrastructures.
  • Micro-services – Our team uses AWS DevOps services to deploy and monitor application usage to reduce inefficiencies and optimize performance.
  • Monitoring and Logging – Our operations team analyzes data and application logs to improve cloud performance, minimize downtime, and improve the overall user experience.
Public Case Study
DevOps for Cloud Solutions
The Challenge: The Federal Government’s Cloud First policy was created in 2010 at a time when cloud technology was still relatively new. Government agencies were provided broad authority to adopt cloud-based solutions without being given a formalized implementation plan or strategy. 
The Solution: BAE Systems used Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its hosting cloud to assist U.S. Federal Government customers with application development, cloud migration, and testing with continuous integration/continuous delivery. Throughout the process, our DevOps team used AWS microservices like CloudWatch to monitor and log the migration workload. These services enabled our team to create new automated build scripts that further optimized the migration of our customers’ software and applications – reducing labor hours and saving money.
How We Succeeded with AWS: The project required us to move three types of applications for our customer with varying degrees of complexity. A majority of the migrated applications moved were originally developed in Java. Using version control, security best practices and automation, our DevOps team developed a SAFe 4.0 implementation strategy that drastically reduced our customer’s anticipated migration timeline from six months to just ten weeks. Our team also created detailed reference architectures to document each deployment. This documentation set a technical baseline for how to transfer the customer’s applications in the cloud. The same documentation is also used to train new engineers joining our AWS DevOps team. The best practices developed using AWS help us to provide continuous support to our customers and improve the reliability and speed in how we deliver solutions for our customers.
AWS Services Used in Solution: CloudTrail, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, STS, SNS, SQS, VPC, EBS, and S3
Third-party Applications Used in Solution: Node.js; Windows App Server
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