Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner USA

BAE Systems is recognized by AWS as an Premier Tier Partner for Servicing U.S. Government and Commercial Clouds
Our partnership with AWS in the United States gives us the ability to develop our team, create innovative cloud solutions, and move to the cloud for internal and external use. We work with our customers to understand and use the AWS cloud to migrate applications and infrastructure, optimize cost and performance, collaborate across teams, and create well-architected solutions.
As a leader in IT managed services, we became an AWS Premier Partner to help our customers migrate their data and mission applications to the cloud while integrating new advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions into their networks that will improve their capabilities for defending against future threats to national security

Ravi Ravichandran

, Chief Technology Officer
  • Framework – We leverage our branded framework for cloud migrations, transitions, deployments, and sustainment through automation.
  • Deployments – We have extensive development experience, from designing proof of concept models to deploying production environments across the AWS cloud.
  • Security – Our team prioritizes integrating security as the first step in developing cloud solutions.
  • Innovations – We integrate AWS tools and internally developed solutions to create the best-in-class solutions for our customers.
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