These services are designed to ensure performance levels, minimize
aircraft-on-ground (AOG) delays, and to maximize the service lifespan of each system and aircraft.

Virtually all commercial and military aircraft today depend on electronics to safely and efficiently operate their flight control, engine control, monitoring, and flight deck systems. These aviation electronics systems – known as avionics – are flight-critical and, as with every part of an aircraft, they need to be maintained properly and regularly.

While avionics maintenance services are offered by numerous companies, the highest quality and most cost-efficient avionics maintenance is usually performed by the OEM who designs and builds them. This is because they not only know their products best, but they also have ready access to any needed replacements parts and are most up-to-date on available software updates and other system upgrades. It is also more cost-effective for airlines and other aircraft owners if the avionics maintenance MRO they choose has service locations in parts of the world where they operate.


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