What we do in the UK

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We provide a range of support and services in the areas of defence and security. This is a growing area of our business and includes equipment, facilities and infrastructure right through to intelligence gathering.

Military & Technical Services

Maritime Services Engineer
Maritime Services Engineer
We provide complete and carefully tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We understand the pressure our customers face in the current environment and the importance of obtaining maximum value and performance from existing assets. So we use our knowledge and experience as a leading provider of military systems and services to help analyse past requirements and pinpoint future service needs. Whether we are providing spares and repairs or managing complete service operations, we combine our experience with the innovation of our workforce to ensure the best value and performance.

Agreed savings through-life of £2.5bn

Typhoon on the Flightline
Typhoon on the Flightline
Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) is a partnering arrangement with the UK MOD that aims to deliver best practice support solutions for one of the RAF’s most critical assets. As a member of the Eurofighter GmbH consortium we are one of the original equipment manufacturers of the Typhoon aircraft. Our experienced teams work side by side with RAF personnel to deliver aircrew and groundcrew training, maintenance and servicing, technical support, and effective inventory and asset management. We have identified and agreed with the UK MOD budgeted through-life savings of £2.5bn.

24/7 dedicated support

HMS Clyde 80m OPV(H)
HHMS Clyde 80m OPV(H)
We partner with the UK Royal Navy to deliver 24/7 dedicated support to a number of the UK’s warships, working to ensure they are available whenever and wherever they are needed. Our innovative approach to supporting the UK’s River Class, Survey Vessels and HMS Clyde has already delivered unprecedented vessel availability
HMS Clyde, designed and built by BAE Systems, replaced two vessels and is leased to the UK MOD with a 24 hour global maintenance arrangement including spares and repairs. Our approach enables HMS Clyde to remain permanently stationed in the South Atlantic with sustainment services provided from the Falklands

Cyber & Intelligence

Cyber security
Cyber security
We help government and commercial clients collect and manage information to reveal intelligence, maintain security, manage risk and strengthen resilience in today’s complex operating environment. We also provide mission critical cyber security solutions, information technology, intelligence and analytical tools and support solutions to the intelligence, defence and civilian communities.
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