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Series-EV - Putting all-electric, zero emissions transit solutions within your reach

Transit buses using our Series-EV battery electric hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell electric propulsion and power systems produce zero emissions.
The zero emissions transit buses you’ve been waiting for are finally at hand. BAE Systems’ Series-EV technology provides your buses with full electric power and propulsion using battery electric or fuel cell electric configurations.

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles continues – including transit buses. Transit authorities value the fuel savings, easier maintenance, and lower operations costs. Communities like the reductions in harmful emissions and traffic noise. While riders enjoy the cleaner air, quieter ride, and lower carbon footprint. Is your transit bus agency eager to implement zero emission operations? Then you want the Series-EV by BAE Systems.

Why the Series-EV

Our dependable, flexible Series-EV system is fully electric, allowing the bus to travel 100% of the time with zero emissions. As the driver accelerates, energy moves from the energy storage system (batteries) to power the motor that drives the wheels (propulsion). To increase the vehicle's efficiency during braking, the motor takes on the role of a generator and recaptures braking energy, storing it in the energy storage system for use later. It's an incredibly efficient, effective system. And, with hundreds of them currently in service in North America and Europe, the Series-EV is a highly reliable, proven battery electric bus system.

The BAE Systems advantage

BAE Systems gives you the all-electric, zero emissions advantage in three ways – 25+ years of experience in the field, a customer-centric approach, and unmatched worldwide service capabilities. We have over 10,000 electric drive systems in operation worldwide, and over 200 zero emissions bus systems in service already. And we plan to double the number of our zero emissions systems – battery electric and fuel cell bus – in the coming year.

Key to how we continue to expand is our recognition that each transit operator faces a different set of challenges that we can help them overcome. From varying topographies and climates to diverse populations and usage requirements, BAE Systems has a full suite of vehicle electrification products and options to choose from, depot charging to opportunity charging for battery electrics and hydrogen fuel cell powered systems. And we provide that because our customers need us to. It's that simple.

Uniquely integrated installation & support

BAE Systems provides our customers with the most comprehensive power and propulsion systems integration and support in the industry. While others often just ship their system parts to prime bus manufacturers to install, we've sent a certified Application Engineer along with our cutting edge power systems to make sure they are integrated properly from day one, including on-site technical advice and thorough training. Then we back that work with our Flexible Service Plan – customized to fit the customer's business model – including a coordinated spares management program.

Learn more. Download our Advancing Electric Solutions and related brochures from our Series-EV page. Or contact our electric and hybrid solutions director of business development today to arrange a meeting.

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