Countermeasure & Electromagnetic Attack Solutions

Electronic Attack Solutions

EC-37B flying through opening in the clouds with second aircraft visible flying behind it in the distance. Mountainous terrain visible below.
Proven airborne situational awareness and electronic attack capabilities with precision, performance, reliability, and self-protection.

Reliability in the skies

  • Modular architecture ensures support of conventional and irregular warfare environments
  • Leading U.S. Air Force in open architectures to meet rapid capability insertion
  • Trusted mission system integration prime, providing defensive system, sustainment, and advanced threat upgrades


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EC-130H Compass Call weapon system

EC-130H/EC-37B Compass Call

Compass Call is an airborne tactical electronic attack weapon system produced by BAE Systems. Compass Call disrupts enemy command and control communications, radar, and navigation systems.
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Countermeasure & 
Electromagnetic Attack Solutions

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