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We have over 60 years’ experience of producing specialist high speed military craft.
We have over 60 years’ experience of producing specialist high speed military craft from Rigid Inflatable Boats to Fast Attack Craft. Our small boats are used by special forces, navies, armies, air forces and governments in over 40 countries around the world.

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  • Pacific 24


    Pacific 24

    The Pacific 24 is the latest Pacific craft within our Halmatic range of products. It is proven in service with the UK MOD, UK police and overseas military organisations, further strengthening our position as designer and builder of the world’s most technically advanced RIBs.

  • Pacific 950


    Pacific 950

    The Pacific 950 has been designed from concept to meet demanding Special Forces requirements. The craft combines rapid acceleration with the strength and power to carry large payloads. It is reconfigurable for multi-role use and can easily interface with naval shipping and aircraft.

  • Seakeeper


    RTK Seakeeper 7 Series -709/712/715 Halmatic range

    The RTK Seakeeper 7 series is based on a capable load carrying, high speed asymmetric catamaran hull form, designed for maximum performance with water jets.

  • Rigid Raiding Craft


    Rigid Raiding Craft

    For the last 30 years our range of Rigid Raiding Craft has been setting the standard in light assault craft. The 5.2 metre was first developed in the 1970s and the 6.5 metre Beach Raider was developed subsequently, in response to the need for a craft with increased capacity. Both variants are in operation today with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and other overseas agencies.

  • Fast Interceptor Craft


    Fast Interceptor Craft

    The Fast Interceptor Craft range is designed specifically for the demanding military and coastguard sector. Available in several variants, they are carefully tailored to suit each individual operator’s particular requirements. These boats have a formidable reputation and are currently in service with UK Special Forces and overseas agencies.

  • Arctic 24


    Arctic Boats

    Arctic is a versatile range of high performance sea kindly hull forms, optimised to suit the requirements of the demanding military and para military sector. Our Arctic craft have been proven by a vast array of end-users including Royal Marines, Special Forces, Coastguard Agencies and Lifeboat services.

  • Electronic Manufacturing UK


    Electronic Manufacturing UK

    We provide a trusted and innovative total manufacturing capability for highly complex electronic integrated systems, sub-systems, modules and printed electronic circuit assemblies where quality is paramount. Our ethos is to add value through our people, scale, capability and engineering know-how, allowing us to provide a vital advantage to our customers where it counts.

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