Our supply base is an integral part of our business and the way we work together is key to our mutual success.

Commercial and Procurement
We are responsible for sourcing, contracting and managing the performance of our supply base. We identify appropriate capabilities within our Saudi Arabian and global supply base as early as possible in the project lifecycle, aiding the development of solutions and proposals.

Our procurements are driven by customer needs and are focused on innovative products and through life support services to the military air, land, naval and security sector.

We also support our long-term presence in Saudi Arabia, procuring our operational needs and infrastructure requirements through local suppliers.

Supplier Management
We focus on supply chain performance to deliver the right product, with the right Quality, at the right Time at the right Cost. We support industry best practice approaches to Supplier Management, in particular the approaches and processes developed as part of the industry led ‘Supply Chains in the 21st Century’ programme.

We believe that managing and measuring relationships throughout the supply chain for constructive team behaviours is as important as quality, schedule and cost.

We want to work with suppliers who genuinely want to support our customers and us, and who are committed to continuously improving performance, responsive to enquiries and focused on quality and delivery.

Responsible Trading
We understand and support our customers’ national security and other requirements.

We carefully assess our products and services with the objective that neither BAE Systems nor our customers are exposed to significant reputational risk.

We work to the BAE Systems Code of Conduct in all that we do and we are as open as practicable about the nature of our business.

Terms and Conditions
Our standard terms and conditions can be found to the right.


KSA Standard Terms and Conditions

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UK Standard Terms and Conditions

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