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1950 to 2050: how will the banker and insurer have evolved?

Step back to 1950 and the financial services sector was driven by pen and paper, and face to face meetings. That’s a world apart from today’s connected environment, where there are a wealth of insurance and banking options available to consumers via a simple web search.


With digitisation a key driver, we are seeing a rapid change in financial institutions – but also in their would-be attackers.


Explore financial services in 2050 and the role of the human

How will we fight financial crime in the future?

Customer friendly real-time onboarding


As the criminals adopt an increasingly digitised approach, so must we

Customer friendly real-time onboarding


AI, robotics and data can be used to streamline processes, identify fraud and fight cybercrime

Faster profiling


But how do we ensure that the people at the centre

of the industry can derive maximum benefit?

Data privacy


If we manage digital tools wisely, humans and machines will continue to work in harmony

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