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A complete software and service offering that enables revenue growth, detects more fraud and reduces operational costs across all lines.

We offer an on-premise solution (typically for enterprise insurers) or a cloud-based offering for small and midsized insurers

in one week
$1m actionable fraud found
in first week of go-live
more fraud discovered
Up to 50% of fraud we identify is not
detectable with traditional analytics tools
NetReveal analyses and scores
over 1bn insurance entities annually 

NetReveal Insurance Fraud Solution for

Small and Midsized Insurers 

Our standardised Insurance fraud solution provides small to medium sized insurers with the ability to affordably detect, investigate and prevent fraud, throughout the insurance lifecycle. Preconfigured and packaged, NetReveal Insurance Fraud delivers value from day one through an extensive library of customisable rules and machine learning algorithms, enriched with the latest 3rd party fraud indicators, blacklists and other market intelligence.
Tick icon Faster time-to-value with deployment in the cloud within 12 weeks
Tick icon Reduced cost of ownership with clear and transparent standard pricing
Tick icon Enhanced customer experience through streamlined claims, minimising impact on genuine claimants

NetReveal Insurance Fraud Solution for

Enterprise Insurers

Available for both on premise and cloud deployment, NetReveal Insurance Fraud uncovers suspicious behaviour by identifying, linking and scoring people, places, events, businesses and other claim and policy attributes. Our solution uses machine learning and network analytics to reveal hidden connections — integrating data from an insurer’s portfolio — from all lines of business, as well as appropriate
third-party data.
Tick icon Up to 50% of identified fraud is not detectable with traditional analytics tools
Tick icon Up to $1m + actionable fraud found in first week of go-live
Tick icon 1 billion insurance entities annually analysed and scored
"NetReveal® allows us to be top of the market in terms of fraud detection and it enables us to constantly adapt and change with the moving behaviours of the fraudsters"
Head of fraud intelligence at a multi-national general insurance company
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Case study Hastings Direct See how our P&C fraud solution for claim and policy risk helps Hastings Direct     More case studies

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"Following an extensive and detailed selection process, we selected BAE Systems for its technology coupled with market-leading Hastings Direct, we have a proactive approach to counter fraud and this reinforces our stance in protecting
our honest customers"
Paul Priestley, Counter Fraud Director Hastings Direct

Empower your fraud detection with analytics

Utilise operational analytics with advanced modelling platforms. Engage with a full suite of supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence and machine learning methods. Simulate and visualise to perform data exploration.

Enable your special investigative unit

Protect all lines across the entire lifecycle. Enable efficient investigation with full case management capabilities. Seamlessly configure and customise detection models that support fraud detection and prevention.

Streamline your customer experiences with auto-verification

Enable straight through processing with real-time approvals. Switch-on inherent integration with our open API model.
Detect fraud in real-time throughout the entire insurance lifecycle

Identify good customers and isolate fraudsters with our unique mix of technology, analytics, services and intelligence insights

Total Economic Impact of BAE Systems NetReveal infographic

Build a business case for improving P&C fraud detection​

Find out how the investment case was made by one Fraud Intelligence Unit of a P&C insurer. Download the summary infographic here or get the full report for the Total Economic Impact™ of BAE Systems NetReveal: Property & Casualty Insurance Fraud solution below.
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Advanced Analytics Platform

We apply intelligence so you can transform your fraud detection

Operationalise artificial intelligence quickly and effectively to create, refine and improve fraud strategies. Use a combination of machine learning and scenario management to keep pace with evolving and increasingly complex fraud threats. Download our NetReveal Advanced Analytics factsheet for more information.
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Case Study: See how Zurich used NetReveal from BAE Systems to identify 500 new frauds worth £5m
For the last decade, collaboration between Zurich and BAE Systems has been founded on a shared vision for the role of data in fighting fraud. 
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"BAE Systems is a leader in this space with a unique position to help carriers
by virtue of its long experience of tackling data intelligence issues
over the course of its existence"
Jay Sarzen, Senior Analyst with Aite Group's P&C Insurance practice
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