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Embrace change and remain competitive
Unlock value from your data by developing strategies that work in the real world – and are underpinned by trust
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Major UK Bank: Implementation of Data Lake project
Easing access to valuable data in siloed legacy systems


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Work with our data consultants to guide you towards data-maturity

Remove the internal barriers to technological transformation with data services specifically designed for financial services organisations. 
Extract the maximum benefit from your data with a robust strategy.

Advisory and data transformation

Advisory and data transformation


Understand the potential value of your existing data, establish how to improve your data quality and overhaul your data management processes.

Data solutions delivery

Data solutions delivery


Our platform implementation gives you quick access to the entirety of your data, enabling effective governance and management from a centralised location.


It also makes integration simpler when delivering cuts of data for other technology solutions.

Model tuning and optimisation

Model tuning and optimisation


Our Advanced Analytics platform is built to execute cutting-edge machine learning algorithms tailored to the unique problem of detecting financial crime.


A deep understanding of data aggregation methods allows us to deliver the maximum benefit using the latest machine learning approaches.

Optimise the ROI of your financial crime solutions

Optimise the ROI of your financial crime solutions

Discover unrealised risk, reduce false positives and prioritise investigations.


Advanced analytics boosts detection effectiveness and efficiency against emerging financial crime.


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