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of banks

Trusted by 50% of
Europe’s largest banks


Up to 83% decrease in false-positives
using our match-exclusion technology
Nordics Financial Group
Case study: Nordics Financial Group
Working with a major customer in the Nordics we reduced their false positives by up to 83 per cent in the process.

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We solve Watch List Management challenges

We can help your bank manage transaction alert volumes.

A major financial services company in Europe specialising in corporate and retail banking reduced alerts by 83% with our NetReveal Transaction Filtering solution.

Protecting you against sanctions violations

We help financial institutions comply with internal, domestic and international watch list enforcement regulations.

Identifying high-risk and sanctioned individuals and entities. Rapidly screen, detect and track beneficial owners and their linkages in real-time – all while delivering accurate and productive alerts.

Trusted by over 200 financial institutions

We provide solutions for regulatory compliance to both long established and challenger banks.

For over 20 years, BAE Systems has provided NetReveal Compliance and Fraud solutions to more than 50% of Europe's largest banks

Boost Investigator Efficiency

Boost investigator efficiency

Improve your investigator efficiency using our entity-based investigations. Combine this with supervisor-controlled queuing and routing to prioritise alerts by urgency and boost productivity.
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Filter transactions using advanced algorithms

Filter transactions using advanced algorithms

Screen payments sent to entities on internal and external watch lists in a variety of formats using the NetReveal Transaction Filtering solution. Use advanced algorithms and market-proven match exclusion to reduce false positives by up to 83% and on average by 40-60% compared with many other solutions.
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Worldwide Watch Lists

Comply with worldwide watch list enforcement regulations

Add internal, domestic and international coverage to your watch list management capabilities. Screen sanctioned entities, PEPs, individuals, and beneficial owners against 350+ global watch lists.
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Increase your detection strength

Increase your detection strength

Concatenated free text matching to strengthen your detection levels. Receive alerts on sanctioned entities or persons that have intentionally included too many or removed spaces to avoid detection by screening systems.
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