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Screen transactions to entities found on internal and external watch lists
with the fewest amount of false positive alerts
Up to 83% decrease in false-positives
using our match-exclusion technology
of banks
Trusted by more than a third
of the global top 100 banks
faster alert adjudication
centralised 360 degree customer view consolidates alerts, evidence and metrics
BAE Systems named a “Category Leader” in the Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: AML and Watch List Monitoring
2019 Vendor Landscape report
Chartis, Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: AML and Watchlist Monitoring 2019
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Case study: Nordics Financial... Working with a major customer in the Nordics we reduced their false positives by up to 83 per cent in the process.

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Celent recognises BAE Systems in the
Solutions for Know Your Customer: 2020 Edition report
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Discover what NetReveal Transaction Filtering Solution can do for you

Financial institutions are responsible for screening payments that could trigger hits against sanctions watch lists. They must screen cross-border international payments, but also more and more domestic transactions against internal, public and commercial aggregator lists to comply with local or international regulations.


Financial institutions are spending more time, money and resources investigating false positives as transaction volumes and worldwide cross-border money transfer activities increase. Missing an alert that is a true positive can have severe regulatory and reputational consequences if the transaction is not stopped.

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Filter transactions using advanced algorithms

Pinpoint transactions to entities
on watchlists quickly

Screen payments with NetReveal Transaction Filtering to meet requirements with a packaged, configurable, risk-based approach for watchlist investigators to facilitate regulatory reporting, transaction interdiction, and asset freezing. Compare attributes of the person making the payment, or attributes of the person receiving the payment, against attributes of known persons or entities that are maintained in watch lists.
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Comprehensive coverage for global compliance

SWIFT 2020-certified application includes protocols for any message type, including SWIFT MT and MX, ACH, and FedWire. Full support for ISO-20022

Realise up to 83% reduction in false positives

Achieve up to an 83% decrease in false-positives your investigators have to review using our Match Exclusion technology. Our advanced algorithms reduce false positives on average by 40-60%

Integrated view of risk history

Anti-stripping enables your investigators to screen alerts against previously blocked payments

Factor in market implications

Currency cut-off prioritises currency based on market to enable legitimate transactions

Maximise efficiency

Decoupled alert storage and processing separated for maximum performance in high demand environments

Capitalise on real-time and batch processing

Supports 350+ global watch lists and performs advanced screening against millions of watchlist entries. Send payments to our system through JMS, SOAP, REST, HTTP or Kafka and get the responses typically well under 40 milliseconds.

Deliver batch files or link your payments database for fast batch processing.

Realise increased detection strength

Concatenated fuzzy name matching algorithm strengthens detection levels. Receive alerts on sanctioned entities or persons that have intentionally included too many or removed spaces to avoid detection by screening systems

Up-to-date compliance protection

Automatic list update imports and updates watch lists daily or even multiple times per day to ensure up-to-date compliance protection

SWIFT-Certified Solution Provider for 10+ years
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View full details of our SWIFT Certified Application on the SWIFT website 

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