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NetReveal® AML Transaction Monitoring is an end-to-end solution that manages all aspects of anti-money laundering detection, investigation and reporting

Our investigator-centric solution combines human intelligence with machine learning and advanced analytics to drive efficiency
and help you prevent more financial crime


Agile and scalable, NetReveal easily adapts detection scenarios to suit any organization and employs a whitebox approach that is easily explained to regulators.

minimum reduction
Integrated machine learning reduces false positive alerts by at least 30%
of banks
Trusted by 50% of
Europe’s largest banks
faster profiling and detection
centralised 360 degree customer view consolidates alerts, evidence and metrics
Aite Group names BAE Systems a leading provider of AML RPA Solutions
and a leading Advanced Analytics vendor

July 2018 Aite Group, LLC report – “The AML of Tomorrow: Here Today”
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Case Study Cutting false positives without serious disruption to live financial compliance systems. See how we helped Asia Pacific Banking Group do just that.

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Benefit from a global view of financial crime

Gain the flexibility to monitor and quickly update your organisation’s AML detection model
as typologies and regulatory obligations change

AML entity focused investigations screenshot

Achieve 30-40% faster profiling and detection

Centralised 360° customer view consolidates related alerts, evidence and financial metrics and presents your investigators with a single combined alert related to a customer or entity.
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Keeping up with rapidly changing financial crime typologies

Our built in criminal offenses library of AML detection scenarios align to modern typologies and payment types, including human trafficking and the use of mobile payments.
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AML Intelligent event triage screenshot

Surface transactions with dynamic visuals and link analysis

Cross filters help investigators easily visualise transaction data within a single user interface – by channel, debit/credit, transaction type, original currency, counterparty country, and by accounts. No need to export data to Excel for pivot table creation.
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AML Intelligent event triage screenshot

Focused expertise – reduce your false positives by at least 30%

Focus on critical alerts and reduce false positives by a minimum of 30%. Manual repetitive assignment is automated with Intelligent Event Triage so teams can focus on high priority issues in real-time.
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NetReveal AML Optimisation screenshot

Test and enhance with AML Optimisation

You can opt to enhance your AML Transaction Monitoring with this package to further improve AML transaction monitoring and detection programmes.
NetReveal AML Optimisation helps analysts identify underperforming detections, test changes, and promote threshold updates to production.
Machine learning algorithms can also be scheduled to review rule-based monitoring and propose the optimal thresholds for those rules.
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Advanced Analytics Platform

We apply intelligence so you can transform your fraud detection

Operationalise artificial intelligence quickly and effectively to create, refine and improve fraud strategies. Use a combination of machine learning and scenario management to keep pace with evolving and increasingly complex fraud threats. Download our NetReveal Advanced Analytics factsheet for more information.
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