Helping to protect 100 insurance carriers and affiliates against fraud and financial crime

Partner with us to transform your fraud and cyber defences, meet your regulatory compliance obligations

by leveraging the machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities of NetReveal®.



more fraud discovered

Up to 50% of fraud we identify is not
detectable with traditional analytics tools


Insurance customers using our Threat Intelligence in over 30 countries

R&D investment

Revenue invested every year in solutions and Innovation Labs

Reduce costs, safeguard your reputation and improve customer experiences

Prevent fraud, defend against cyberattacks and adapt to demanding compliance regulations.
Our advanced analytics solutions, including our NetReveal platform, help you innovate and create compelling value propositions. 
Be smarter, faster, and intelligence-led.

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Turn insurance fraud prevention into a strategic advantage

Gain the ability to prevent, detect and investigate insurance fraud at speed, while minimising the impact on genuine customers. Take a look at our insurance fraud solutions.
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Stay ahead of your competitors in a demanding regulatory environment

End-to-end market-leading solutions help you meet your compliance and regulatory obligations – from customer onboarding to anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing.
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Operate securely in a connected world

Better understand the risks you face and appropriately apply security controls by leaning on our technical expertise
and deep understanding of the threat landscape.
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Unlock the power of data to transform your business

Exploit your data assets, operationalise your insights and become more competitive in the data-driven ecosystem of today.
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Case Study: See how Zurich used NetReveal from BAE Systems to identify 500 new frauds worth £5m
For the last decade, collaboration between Zurich and BAE Systems has been founded on a shared vision for the role of data in fighting fraud. 
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“Following an extensive and detailed selection process, we selected BAE Systems for its technology coupled with market-leading experience.


At Hastings Direct, we have a proactive approach to counter fraud and this reinforces our stance in protecting our honest customers.”

Paul Priestley, Counter Fraud Director at Hastings Direct
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"We believe in you. We need you, we need NetReveal®. We are in it together, we are one resource, one team.”

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"BAE Systems is a leader in this space with a unique position to help carriers by virtue of its long experience of tackling data intelligence issues over the course of its existence."
Jay Sarzen, Senior Analyst with Aite Group's P&C Insurance practice​

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