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What is NetReveal?

What is NetReveal

BAE Systems provides financial crime, risk management and fraud detection and prevention across Banking, Financial Markets, and Insurance via the NetReveal Platform.
The Platform is designed to be adaptable to the evolving and heterogeneous nature of the Financial Services sector; to deliver power and flexibility in analytics, investigation, integration, security and total cost of ownership reduction for customers.
Advanced data analytics is at the core. Its analytics engines provide effective detection of anomalous behaviour and are some of the most effective at positive/negative detection and false positive reduction in the market.

BAE Systems wins Chartis RiskTech100® 2020
“Financial Crime – Enterprise Fraud” Category Award

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NetReveal platform architecture

NetReveal Applications

NetReveal applications provide specialist solutions for financial services use cases that optimise the power and performance of NetReveal.
  • In Regulatory Compliance this includes solutions for KYC/CDD, Watch List Management, Sanctions and PEP screening, AML Transaction Monitoring, Transaction Filtering.
  • In Counter-Fraud this includes Insurance Fraud for Insurance, Multi-Channel Payment Fraud in Banking.
  • Within Financial Markets, this includes an application developed for risk management of financial trading.

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“Compliance and AML can no longer be relegated to the “tick box” category.
Regulators and institutions around the globe have recognized that innovative technologies and advanced analytics are central to coping with the rapid evolution of financial crime.”

Julie Conroy, Research Director, Aite Group
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Why choose NetReveal?

NetReveal, a flexible and scalable solution

Flexible Analytics

Managing a broad set of financial crime risks requires a wide range of data management and analytical capabilities.
NetReveal supports fuzzy matching, machine learning, behavioural rules, graph analytics and provides full flexibility to modify detection to suit your businesses' risk appetite.
The data to drive risk analytics can be extracted from source systems, accessed from a big data platform or ingested via streaming connectors.


All solutions include alert/case investigation management, workflow and reporting.
The web-based user interface scales to support thousands of end-users and can cater for the varied needs of fraud, compliance and risk management functions.
A single deployment can support multiple operations teams, business lines and countries with data access protected in a flexible role-based model.

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BAE Systems recognised by Chartis Research as a “Best of Breed”

vendor for AI in Financial Services for Workflow & Automation and Packaged Applications.
Chartis Research, “Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services: Market and Vendor Landscape 2019.”
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What is NetReveal? NetReveal solutions can deliver significant improvements in false positive reduction, fraud detection and prevention, and behaviour anomaly detection.
Case Management AML

NetReveal Enterprise Investigation Management

Connect and consolidate financial crime detection


Our goal is to stop the financial crime, fraud and sophisticated cyber attacks
that are targeting your organisation


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