We are extending this key relationship into the future, partnering with Patria on the Land 400 programme in Australia, and as Finland's technology partner, we're providing competitive solutions that meet current and future needs.


Our shared history in Finland


UK aerospace links with Finland date back to the 1920s, including Finland's acquisition of aircraft like the De Havilland Tger Moth in 1929.

Most significantly for the air sector, Finland became the first Hawk export customer in 1978. In December 2015 we jointly celebrated 35 years of Hawk operation in Finland.

Finland now maintains, supports and upgrades its Hawk fleet indigenously. In recent years, Patria's world-class support services have helped reduce costs by predicting and preventing fatigue issues, while co-operation with the Finnish Air Force has seen continual modification and upgrade work to extend the life-cycle of the aircraft.
Since 1980, the Finnish Air Force has used Hawk aircraft to train the very best pilots for its front-line squadrons. It is also the aircraft flown by the Midnight Hawks Aerial Display Team. 
Four Finnish Hawks flying in formation above the clouds


We've been proud to work with Finland on CV90 armoured land vehicles since 2000 and are partnered with Patria on the Land 400 programme in Australia where, working together, we are ready to deliver the AMV35 land reconnaissance vehicles for the Austrialian Army.


Through our naval division we have been successful in providing Bofors guns for the Finnish Navy.

A Finnish Hawk history

Designed and manufactured by BAE Systems, Hawk first entered Finnish service with four British-built aircraft, followed by 46 assembled by Patria in Finland. In 1993, the Finnish Air Force ordered an additional batch of seven Hawk Mk51As.
The hard-flown Hawks were subjected to an extensive structural reinforcement programme that was completed in Finland in the late 1990s by Patria. Finland further added to its Hawk fleet in 2007 by sourcing 18 low-hour Mk66 aircraft from Switzerland which entered service after successful modification and upgrade work by Patria, completed in 2011-2013.
Now the entire Hawk fleet, including 24 Hawks with upgraded cockpits, will continue service to the Finnish Air Force for many years to come. 
BAE Systems, with our Eurofighter Typhoon partners Airbus and Leonardo, are the three largest defence and aerospace companies in Europe. We welcome the opportunity to further develop our relationships with the Finnish Defence Force and Finnish industry.
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