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Eurofighter Typhoon
Inside the Cockpit
Eurofighter Typhoon will make Finland part of Europe’s biggest collaborative defence programme and a central part of the aircraft’s future development.
The UK Government and the Eurofighter programme has an ability and willingness to transfer and provide genuine access to complex skills, technologies and Intellectual Property. In Finland, this proven ability will secure Finnish skills, develop new opportunities for industry and ensure indigenous support capability for the Typhoon weapon system.
We can offer the opportunity for a Final Assembly, Testing and Check Out (FATCO) facility to be established in Finland should Eurofighter Typhoon be selected.
This could be complemented by industry involvement in logistics systems and inventory management solutions. Capability in other areas such as aircraft avionic test rigs and mission data generation could also be provided.
A proud and long-standing history of collaborative working with Finnish industry now means Finland upgrades, maintains and supports its Hawk trainer jet fleet indigenously. Transfer of such capability is a blueprint which we can build upon and enhance with Eurofighter Typhoon.
Eurofighter Typhoon
Across Europe, the Eurofighter programme has created 100,000 highly skilled jobs across 400 companies and technology and IPR has been shared across borders and freely accessed by all those involved.
It is this proven approach to collaboration in research, design, development and manufacturing from which Finnish industry could benefit by becoming a partner. 
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