BAE Systems was selected to provide its 25mm Mk 38 machine gun system for the Canadian Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) program in August 2015, modified to optimize operation in arctic conditions. We will work closely with Canadian industry to support the system and engage Canadian industry in our global supply chain. 


Halifax-class frigates

Our Bofors 57 Mk2 Naval Gun System has been in service with the Navy on Halifax-class frigates since 1987. In 2009, BAE Systems was contracted to convert these guns to the 57 Mk 3 configuration. 

Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC)

Its larger 127mm Mk 45 stablemate is an affordable, high-performing system that meets the Canadian Navy’s main gun needs for CSC. BAE Systems has already been selected by the UK Ministry of Defence as the preferred bidder to provide the Mk 45 as the Maritime Indirect Fire System (MIFS) for the Type 26 Global Combat Ship. The design has already proven its merits in service with the United States Navy and ten others – but we are not resting on our laurels. We are developing two extended range munitions which would further develop the capabilities of the Mk 45.

Mk 45 multi-mission capability

The Multi Service – Standard Guided Projectile (MS-SGP) and Hyper Velocity Projectile (HVP) are designed to support multi-mission capability from the Mk 45. Providing a significant range increase and precision accuracy - at a fraction of the cost of currently available precision munitions - the MS-SGP and HVP allow BAE Systems to offer a complete system solution for the long-term. Both of these rounds will have a range of over 50 nautical miles. In addition to compatibility with the Mk 45, the saboted MS-SGP variant, when fully developed, can be fired from the M777 lightweight towed howitzers in service with the Canadian Army. 
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