Australia’s future investment in high speed weapons systems, including hypersonic long-range strike and hypersonic and ballistic missile defence, provides the opportunity for Australia to create an enduring sovereign capability and position the nation as a major global contributor in this disruptive and important technology field.
Successfully creating this capability on home soil will require the knowledge and experience of the research and technology community, led by DST Group and academia, to combine with the very best industrial capabilities that Australia and our allies have to offer.
As the leading Sovereign weapons system developer, BAE Systems Australia today stands ready to partner with the Commonwealth and their strategic industry partners to support the advancement of the Australia’s high speed weapons capabilities and, in doing so, provide a solid foundation for a more sustainable and successful local defence industry.
We are committed to a successful Australian high speed weapons program and the development of world leading operational capabilities for Australia.

Australia's only weapons developer

BAE Systems Australia is the only industry partner with established in-country engineering capability in the development of complex weapons systems.
For more than 30 years, we have been a key partner and Australian Industry Lead in programs such as HiFiRE, the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM), Nulka and the Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile (ASRAAM) programs. Successful delivery of these programs demonstrated our ability to work closely with Defence to grow our capability as a highly effective industry partner.
Be it designing and prototyping, or manufacturing, sustaining and integrating weapons systems, our success across Australia’s weapons systems programs has provided us with the deep experience and technical expertise that has allowed us to form a very mature in-country capability.

US collaboration at its best

BAE Systems Australia has a rich history of working closely with other Defence companies from around the world, particularly US Primes, on weapons systems programs. This has helped us create a strong culture of collaboration that is critical in delivering complex weapons system capabilities to both the Australian and US defence forces.
Our teams continue to play a major role in the ESSM program with the manufacture of the Thrust Vector Control system, the aerodynamic surfaces and elements of the guidance section.
The roles we have performed on key weapons systems programs, including HiFiRE, Nulka, ESSM and ASRAAM have differed depending on the need of the Commonwealth or US Government.
As a result, today we have deep experience in both, the prime or key subcontractor role on these complex programs.