Investing in Australia's future - GDP
Investing in Australia's Future
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From a dusty paddock in Woomera in 1954 to being selected in 2018 to deliver the next generation of advanced anti-submarine warships in Adelaide, we’ve come a long way in 65 years of operation in Australia.
As we’ve developed and grown over the years we’ve increased our contribution to the Australian economy. Today we contribute $1.2 billion to Australia’s GDP each year. This is driven by a direct contribution of $600 million from our activities, an indirect contribution of $230 million from our supply chain and a further $350 million as a result of our consumption activity.
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Investing in Australia's workforce
With around 3,200 people working across 30 sites right across the country, our defence solutions produce some of the world’s most advanced technologies. To deliver this, we employ some of the most skilled people in Australia to work with unique systems and solutions to solve complex problems. We employ a large number of engineers, with STEM-based roles making up 60 per cent of our workforce.
Our highly skilled workforce reflects our high level of labour productivity. Our workforce is 20 per cent more productive than the national average, and nearly 50 per cent higher than the manufacturing sector as a whole. Our productivity has risen at a rate of 4.6 per cent per year.
Investing in Australia's industry
We wouldn’t be where we are today without our long and enduring relationship with Australian suppliers, many of whom support more than one of our programs. We support our suppliers to grow their businesses and the number of Australians they employ. We are proud to have some 1,600 companies as part of our supply chain, and spent $330 million with them in 2017. These companies are right across Australia and touch many sectors.
Investing in Australia's future
We are proud to currently manage  more than 200 programs for the Commonwealth of Australia. Our work on the planned Hunter Class frigrate Program, the worlds first and only bow-to-stern digitally designed anti-submarine warship, will transform the Australian shipbuilding industry and support the workforce for generations to come.
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Investing in Australia's future - GDP


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