The UK Combat Air Strategy, launched in 2018, set out a bold vision of future combat air capability for the UK.

It is embodied by Tempest, an international future combat air system that will pioneer new technology, capable of staying ahead of evolving threats, enabled by decades of expertise in a world leading industry.


We’re collaborating internationally to deliver an ambitious military programme for the UK and our partners, whilst investing in people, early careers, technology and infrastructure, supporting the economy and long term prosperity of our nation.

Only Tempest will continue to drive the national security and prosperity benefits of the UK’s Combat Air sector.


A national endeavour

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Farnborough Airshow Logo

Farnborough International Airshow

The Farnborough International Airshow took place in July 2022 at the Farnborough Airport in Hampshire, UK.
The next Farnborough Airshow will take place from 22nd to 26th July 2024. Keep up to date with the latest from BAE Systems on FIA 2024 below.

Generation Tempest 

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Tempest: Innovation for UK security and prosperity

On behalf of the Team Tempest partners, we asked PwC to conduct an independent assessment of the economic impact of the Tempest programme over the first 30 years of the programme.
Their research outlined the significant and wide-spread benefits of the programme, stimulated by the investment in the programme which will accelerate the development of new technologies and critical skills that will ensure the UK can continue to operate at the forefront of world-leading technology.
(May 2021)