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​BAE Systems’ Electronic Combat Solutions (ECS) business will shape the future of full-spectrum Electronic Warfare capabilities for both defense and attack applications from the sea to the stars. Our agile engineering, manufacturing, and sustainment solutions will create the market’s fastest pathway from the lab to the field, in collaboration with the U.S. Armed Forces and our allies, to defend democracy around the globe.

Extreme Electronic Warfare
EWX ECS vision
In the 2000s, ECS embarked on an Xtreme EW campaign that focused on innovative, cutting-edge EW capabilities and a sense of belonging that existed among our employees, airframers, customers, pilots, and suppliers. We were developing state-of-the-art EW solutions that provided a competitive edge to our customers, and making a difference in the world – it meant something to be part of our Xtreme EW community.
Fast forward to 2021. The warfare landscape has evolved, and so has our EW strategy. Our strategy sets the foundation for developing the next generation of EW systems today that are relevant into 2040 and beyond.  Our Xtreme EW community has evolved into Extreme EW 2.0 – known by its shorthand EWX – that focuses on building full-spectrum EW suites, integrating feedback from our partners, and accounting for total cost of ownership and diminishing manufacturing sources.
EWX builds on our history of success in EW and focuses on strengthening our EW community bonds at every level, and we want you to join us on the journey. The three pillars of this strategy are to:
Strategy Pillar A Strategy Pillar B Strategy Pillar C
The BAE Systems brand is synonymous with high-quality, innovative EW. We're at the forefront of EW research and development, and we have the technology ready today to ensure continued overmatch against the ever-evolving threats of tomorrow.
EWX systems leveraged designs are open, reprogrammable, and exportable to deliver on the Department of Defense’s Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations vision. These characteristics make our products easy to update quickly, and give our users the ability to apply what they learn in-the-field – or even in flight.
Our culture builds on innovation, agility, and inclusivity. Our EW experts have a deep understanding of the threat environment and a focus on the mission. We have world-class engineering and factories. We are proud of our history and we’re confident that our people, technology, investments, and EWX community will help us maintain our leadership in EW.
Join us on our mission to provide critical capabilities that help defend democracy around the globe. 
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Technical Vision

  • ECS will shape the future of full -spectrum EW capabilities for both defense and attack applications from the sea to the stars.
  • We're at the forefront of EW research and development, and we're positioning ourselves to be ready for the threats of tomorrow. We are working on advanced products, including cognitive and distributed EW, which will allow our systems to quickly recognize and counter new threats without human intervention.
  • We’re creating modern infrastructure for modern warfare, investing more than $3 billion in technology including state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, process automation, quality assurance, and supply chain excellence to reduce cost and development time.
  • ECS is aggressively pursuing a common core EW system architecture strategy to deliver on the Department of Defense vision for an open, scalable, and adaptable solution that has exportability built in at an affordable price.
  • Uniform sustainment models provide affordable lifecycle support.
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Vision for Employee Experience

  • We are shaping a culture built on innovation, agility, and inclusivity that yields a highly skilled workforce of EW experts with a deep understanding of the threat environment and a focus on your mission as well as ours.
  • BAE Systems is committed to growing the skills of our people through a targeted, industry-leading training program and a defined career track, which is crucial to meet the next-generation needs of the warfighter.
  • We are committed to assured delivery for program management, world-class engineering, manufacturing, and product quality, and we will tie performance metrics to advancing ECS’ strategy.
  • We will implement a high degree of collaboration across programs, functions, and product lines to ensure we have the talent, factories, and technology to deliver on our commitments.
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This is EWX.