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Innovation at the heart of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence



Honing in on high priority business challenges to generate high value ventures
Driven by evidence


A fail-fast serial entrepreneur ethos within the enterprise tech environment


Collaborating to help our customers ride the wave of disruptive market trends


Ruthlessly focused on helping customers tackle financial crime and digital threats
Our innovation heritage can be traced back to the days of Marconi and the beginnings of the radio wave story. Today, our customers rely on us for cutting edge technology to digitally transform in the face of threats, financial crime and fraud.


Introducing the Futures team. Driving innovation from within.

Futures is not a normal incubator group, they have re-written the rules of innovation. With a unique problem-based methodology, the team is brutally focused on finding the toughest challenges faced by the industry today. 

Why? Because at BAE Systems we believe innovation is about more than just being new. It’s about hunting for the pain points that are really hurting organisations today, and building value-driven solutions to these issues. We work closely with our customers to test and iterate solutions that bring the most value to them.

“The BAE Systems Futures programme allows the firm to think about future possibilities while remaining focused on the present.” - Sang Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Aite Group

Sang, L, June 2019, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s Search for Innovation: Looking to the Futures, Aite Group, accessed 9 June, 2019

Innovations born at Futures

FinCrime Testing Service
Helping banks spot crimes such as human trafficking by simulating criminal behaviours in synthetic data
A cloud based solution to enhance threat visibility and reduce the time it takes to respond to cyber incidents
A radically new approach to cybersecurity designed with human behaviour change at its core

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