Image of Cameron Kirkland
Business Unit: BAE Systems Maritime - Naval Ships
Hometown: Portsmouth

How long have you worked at BAE Systems?
I have worked at BAE Systems for almost six years.  I started as an Engineering Technician Apprentice in 2012. 
What led you to first join the business?
After completing my A-Levels I was presented with the choice of either heading off to university or starting a technical engineering apprenticeship with BAE Systems. It’s safe to say it feels like I made the right choice. 
How does it feel to see the first of the River Class Batch 2 (RCB2) OPV’s being commissioned into the RN fleet?
It is extremely rewarding to see what we as a team over the past five years have produced, being commissioned into the RN Fleet.  Hopefully for me being at the start of my career, it will be the first of many vessel commissionings. 
Can you describe the part you’ve played in delivering HMS FORTH?
I am a detail design outfit engineer, so I have been involved with an extremely wide variety of subjects. These range from magazine arrangements to handrail arrangements to galley arrangements. With the exception of a few of the tanks, I would be surprised if there is a compartment that I haven’t had a hand in creating. 
Why is it important to you personally to deliver a quality product for our Royal Navy?
For me personally it is of huge importance that we deliver a quality product.  This ship is going to be lived on by Naval personnel for months at a time, so the very least we can do is ensure we do our job properly and make sure they have all the tools they’ll need to enjoy and carry out a successful deployment.  
What’s been your most memorable FORTH moment?
My most memorable moment was when I first walked over the bridge in the engine room.  This was a major project for me which I took from inception all the way through to implementation and to finally have a chance to walk over it in person filled me with an enormous sense of pride. 
How do you think you’ll feel when you hear or read about the work the ship and her crew are undertaking?
I think I will just feel extremely proud. The project has overcome many hurdles during the last five years and we now have a completed ship in front of us that proves that all of that hard work has paid off.  
What do you find most exciting and/or rewarding about your role?
For me the best bit of my role is the variation. I come into work and every day I have very little idea as to what bearing the day will take and even if you are happily working on something it can all turn on sixpence and you can end up working on something  completely different. It certainly keeps you on your toes and ensures that each and every day is its own challenge. 
What’s important to you about the teams you work with at BAE Systems /and or RN?
The team I work with at BAE Systems is extremely important to me.  They not only provide a great balance between support or a good old fashioned shove when it is required but they also offer me a steady platform from which I can push myself to achieve my goals. This all culminates in the office being a fantastic working environment which everyone enjoys and in the end that drives productivity. 
Do you have any advice or messages you would like to give to the crew members?
Enjoy your time sailing with her.  She will take you around the world to places some can’t even imagine, it’s these place where you can make a real difference.