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F-35 production
The UK has a major role in the support, maintenance and repair of the UK, European and global F-35 fleet.
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At RAF Marham, home to the UK F-35 fleet, we are leading a team of more than 100 skilled technicians with our partner Lockheed Martin to provide engineering and technical expertise, delivering air-crew and ground-crew training, facilitating routine maintenance and helping to manage the global supply chain of the F-35.
We played a leading role in the construction and standing up of the state-of-the-art F-35 maintenance, training and operations facilities at RAF Marham for the arrival of the first fleet of UK aircraft, which took place in June 2018.
Our work on F-35 sustainment builds upon our pedigree in delivering maintenance and support to the UK's fast jet fleets at bases across the country, including RAF Marham where we have been supporting the operation of the Tornado GR4 fleet for the last decade.
Rear Admiral Rick Thompson
At MOD Sealand, we are also part of a team that will provide crucial maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade services for F-35 avionic, electronic and electrical systems for hundreds of F-35 aircraft across the globe.
The joint venture, Sealand Support Services Limited, brings together BAE Systems, MOD Defence Electronics and Component Agency and Northrop Grumman to provide support services from 2021.