Contractors and workers
We use your information throughout the relationship that we have with you. This includes a number of different processing activities throughout the engagement that you have with the Company.
This Notice should be read in conjunction with the Overview and the Definitionsincluding, in particular, the table of categories of information.

Workforce administration

What processing activities do you undertake that include my information?
We administer and manage your relationship with the Company and maintain the general records necessary to do so. This includes the administrative and management activities that we undertake during your engagement, for example:
  • allocating and managing duties and responsibilities and the business activities to which they relate;
  • identifying and communicating effectively with staff; 
  • conducting surveys for benchmarking and identifying improved ways of working and data subject relations and engagement at work (these will often be anonymous but may include profiling data such as age to support analysis of results);
  • where relevant for publishing appropriate internal or external communications or publicity material including via social media in appropriate circumstances;
  • reporting (for business operational and reporting documentation such as the preparation of annual reports or tenders for work or client team records including the use of photographic images);
  • managing customer, supplier and other business relationships;
  • issuing passes, including car passes and security passes;
  • archiving and managing your personnel file and other records; and
  • training, where appropriate.
What categories of information are included in these processing activities?
To manage your relationship with us, we process staff related data, data related to your engagement with the Company, recruitment data, regulatory data and remuneration and benefits data, as well as vehicle information. This may include your photograph or other images.
We may also process sensitive information (such as criminal records information) to the extent permitted by applicable laws.
What is the reason for these processing activities?
We use your information to manage and administer your relationship with us. This includes:
  • ensuring that each member of staff undertakes appropriate duties, is properly trained and undertakes their role correctly and in accordance with appropriate procedures;
  • undertaking normal business operations and maintaining a dialogue with staff; and
  • complying with applicable laws and regulations.
To the extent that you did not get this information from me, how did you collect it?
Some of this information will come from internal sources, such as your BAE Systems contact and the Human Resource team. 
Other information may come from your employer, agency, customers, suppliers and other business partners. 
We may also receive information from other sources as set out in this Notice.
Who do you share this information with?
This information may be shared internally for the purposes described above.
In addition, some information will be shared externally with your employer, agency, partners, customers and suppliers and as otherwise set out in this Notice.