Legal claims and
risk management

Customers and contacts
We use your information in order to administer and manage the relationship between the Company and the entity you represent or are employed by, which is a customer, prospective customer or contact of BAE Systems.
This Notice should be read in conjunction with the Overview and the Definitions, including, in particular, the table of categories of information.

Legal Claims and Risk Management

What processing activities do you undertake that include my information?
We use your information in connection with our legal rights and obligations.
This includes taking steps to enforce or defend any legal claims made by, against or otherwise involving you.
However, it also includes complying with lawful requests by public authorities (including without limitation to meet national security or law enforcement requirements), discovery requests, or where otherwise required or permitted by applicable laws, court orders, government regulations, or regulatory authorities (including without limitation privacy, tax and employment), whether within or outside your country.
This will also include investigations into security or compliance concerns, as appropriate.
What categories of information are included in these processing activities?
We may process any information held on you in connection with this activity including identity information, contact information and business information.
We may also process sensitive information (such as criminal records information) to the extent permitted by applicable laws.
What is the reason for these processing activities?
We carry out these activities in order to make and defend against legal claims and comply with relevant legal requirements and obligations.
The Company wishes to maintain its reputation as a good corporate citizen and to act appropriately in all the countries in which it does business.  This includes cooperating with authorities and government bodies.  Indeed, the Company is required to comply with laws and regulations in those countries in which it does business and to require otherwise would lead to conflicts of laws issues.
In addition, the Company wants to be able to enforce legal obligations owed to it and to defend itself from litigation.  This is needed to ensure that the Company’s legal interests and rights are managed appropriately.
To the extent that you did not get this information from me, how did you collect it?
Some of the information processed in these activities may be generated by the Company.
We may also receive information from our external advisers and authorities who help us to carry out this activity and from other sources as set out in this Notice. 
Who do you share this information with?
This information may be shared internally for the purposes described above.
In addition, some of your information will be shared externally with regulatory or governmental authorities or legal advisers as needed and as otherwise set out in this Notice.