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Philippa Terry
Communications Manager

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Adaptable Strike Frigate:

Embracing technology to deliver future naval capability at the speed of relevance



BAE Systems has a proven track-record of collaborating with global and local partners in support of the supply of systems and the integrated platforms from which military operations are conducted. In developing the Adaptable Strike Frigate concept, BAE Systems has collaborated with our colleagues across both the commercial and defence industry to explore innovative concepts and technologies that will shape the conduct of platform design for future operations. Optimised for the management, employment and exploitation of uncrewed, disaggregated systems the Adaptable Strike Frigate is positioned to enhance  this collaboration and BAE Systems would welcome further engagement from International Navies and industry representatives to continue to iterate the Adaptable Strike Frigate concept to our emerging customer requirements.


Key messages

For further information please download the datasheet.
  • An adaptable, mission-ready, digitally enabled common platform
  • Designed using the latest technologies with mission modularity and lethality from the start 
  • Hosts containerised mission modules and integrates with autonomous and off-board systems capabilities enabling rapid reconfiguration for operations
  • Designed to operate as part of a Littoral Response Group or independently
  • Reduced crewing options; using automation and a high level of resilient systems integration to enable lean crewing and maximise adaptable space for specialist augmentees and an embarked military force
  • A cloud ready mission system provides machine speed warfare at the speed of relevance, that can integrate into the multidomain force interchangeable with NATO and coalition partners
  • Open architecture enables industry collaboration and adoption of future systems and technologies
  • Adoption of innovative green propulsion technologies
  • Adaptable to meet different customer requirements.