AN/ALM-288, AN/ALM-293, and AN/ALM-294 Countermeasure Dispenser Testers

The BAE Systems Rokar Countermeasure Dispenser Test Set, which has two CDT units contained in each carrying case, comprising a one-man-carry test set.
Our self-contained Countermeasure Dispenser Testers (CDT) improve aircraft readiness by performing fast, reliable flight-line safety and functionality checks of the countermeasure dispensing system.

Accurate, thorough, dependable CDTs

The nation’s Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and key government agencies all depend on countermeasure dispensing systems – including the AN/ALE-47 and others – aboard their aircraft for self-protection against missile attacks and other airborne munitions. Especially when operating in contested areas, a properly-functioning countermeasure dispensing system can make all the difference to the success of a mission. That’s ample reason for aviation maintenance and flight prep crews to prefer the unmatched reliability of BAE Systems Rokar Countermeasure Dispenser Testers (CDT) for keeping their countermeasure dispensing systems performing effectively and safely.

Our AN/ALM-288, AN/ALM-293, and AN/ALM-294 flight-line Countermeasure Dispenser Testers (CDT) are self-contained, battery-powered, and compatible with each of the countermeasure dispensers used by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Army, as well as partner nation armed forces around the world. Flight-line tests are performed by installing a CDT into each dispenser on an aircraft; an alpha-numeric display provides the test results. These units are designed with a clear, direct user interface, to assure ease-of-use by flight personnel of various experience levels.

Robust product sustainment and dedicated customer support teams

Thousands of BAE Systems Rokar Countermeasure Dispenser Testers are in the field for operational use today around the world, and they have the backing of our robust team of technical engineers to keep them operational when units require repairs, updates, or new parts. These AN/ALM-288, AN/ALM-293, and AN/ALM-294 flight-line testers are built for endurance and shipped in a protective custom two-CDT case – known as the Countermeasure Dispenser Test Set – but they are often used in fast-moving, battle-ready environments, so we keep our teams ready to effect repairs as needed year round at the BAE Systems Austin, Texas technology center.

We also support our customers by providing detailed user manuals for their technical officers, and can provide user training for aircrews and technicians upon request. Wherever around the world that our customers need to go, our teams find ways to provide the product support they need.

Our related countermeasure products and test gear

  • Countermeasures Dispensing Systems offered by BAE Systems include aircraft self-defense chaff and flare dispensing systems for fixed-wing combat aircraft (the F-4, F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18, Mirage, A-37, A-7, AMX, and Harrier); rotary-wing aircraft (the AH-64, CH-53, UH-60, Bell212/412, AH-1, and Super Puma); and transport aircraft (the C-17, C-130, and Boeing 707). Our countermeasure systems are also integrated with missile warning systems and radar warning receivers, including systems with up to 24 dispensers and unparalleled capabilities.
  • Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System (ACDS) is an airborne, computer-controlled, self-defense system that operates as a stand-alone system with enhanced capabilities for chaff, flare, and advanced decoy dispensing.
  • Advanced Digital Dispensing System (ADDS) is a computer-controlled, threat-adaptive, countermeasure dispensing system that dispenses decoy payloads to protect aircraft from ground and air threats. Unlike competitors, ADDS can fire dual-chaff cartridges that double the number of on-board chaff stores per mission.
  • Smart Breech Plate Adapter (SBPA-V2) is an advanced, easy-to-use, low-cost tester that improves aircraft readiness by performing fast and reliable flight-line safety and functional checks. It also shortens the dispensing system’s maintenance cycle.
  • Functional and Stray-voltage Tester (FAST) improves aircraft and helicopter readiness by performing fast and reliable flight-line safety and functional checks of the weapon control system.
  • Modular ACDS Test Equipment (MATE) is a PC-based lower-level test bench. MATE runs automatic tests on the BAE Systems ACDS and generates reports based on the test results.


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