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LiDAR Services

BAE Systems employs Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology to acquire terrain information in a rapid and cost-effective way.

Using multiple collection platforms (fixed wing or rotor aircraft and mobile), we acquire LiDAR data over the area of interest and begin processing as soon as the data is captured. The LiDAR sensor integrates with airborne GPS and an inertial measuring unit (IMU) to simultaneously capture light pulse information, location of the sensor, and angle or orientation of the sensor.

  • BAE Systems has conducted extensive LiDAR collection and processing efforts in support of various state and local governments.

BAE Systems GP&S provides expertise in:

  • Aerial and mobile acquisition/processing
  • Generation of geo-referenced LiDAR data from raw sensor data
  • 3-D feature collection from LiDAR (LiDAR-Grammetry)
  • Contour generation
  • 3-D visualization
  • Automated building collection

ISR Analytics

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