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Current GIS technology solutions are no longer bound by traditional desktop-based systems. Instead, geospatial solutions are embracing service- and cloud-based platforms that significantly extend the reach and impact of geospatial content and capabilities beyond traditional organizational boundaries.

Our broad understanding of technology platforms and their implementation allows us to design and provide smart solutions that integrate with our client's existing IT and software investments.

Our engineers offer experience in a number of development languages including Java, .NET and Python supporting desktop, server, and mobile applications and services. We have a strong track record in developing with Esri, as well as Open Source Software products including OpenLayers and GeoServer and unique combinations of these components.

BAE Systems GP&S provides expertise in:

  • Change Detection services
  • Geodatabase design and development
  • GIS analysis and modeling
  • GIS application design, development, and installation
  • GIS training services
  • ArcGIS desktop, server, Web, and mobile application development
  • ArcObjects, Python, .NET, Java, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, HTML5, GML, KML
  • OpenSource geospatial products and formats


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