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GP&S - Photogrammetry & Mapping
BAE Systems has successfully provided accurate feature and terrain data products for more than 40 years, leading both large- and small-scale mapping projects for numerous private, municipal, and state agencies.

To ensure that we provide our clients with the finest mapping and charting services to support their ever-changing missions, we augment our proven workflows and technologies with a significant capacity of talented geospatial specialists. Our large staff of mapping professionals includes certified photogrammetrists and certified GIS professionals.

BAE Systems GP&S provides expertise in:

  • 2-D and 3-D digital photogrammetric compilation
  • Low Altitude Mapping (LAMP)
  • Large scale engineering mapping
  • MGCP feature collection
  • Topographic data store management
  • Hard copy chart products
  • Airfield database mapping
  • Stereo airfield collection and obstruction mapping
  • Support for all formats - CAD, Shapefile, Geodatabase, KML
  • LiDAR-grammetry (collection from LiDAR data)

ISR Analytics

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